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August 15, 2011 / hhsiegrist

A Rare Visitor: the Purple Heron

It is not often one can observe a species of bird around here that is much more common in Africa and the Middle East, the Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea). So when I heard there was one around at one of my favourite spots on Lake Neuchâtel I seized the opportunity on a nice sunny morning hoping to spot the bird and maybe take a picture or two.

Well, I did not have to wait long when it strode out of the reeds where it had been hiding. The first pictures were nothing to boast about but later on during that morning it posed in beautiful light, searching for prey and eventually catching something unidentifiable:

All of a sudden it flew off again while I was replacing the batteries in my camera. Indeed a frustrating moment for a wildlife photographer.

In a few weeks when temperatures around here will start to fall again it will be gone back to warmer regions in Africa. We all hope that these beautiful birds will come back next year to enrich our local fauna for at least during the summer months.

PS: While the heron hid behind the reeds between two series of pictures our faithful Kingfisher appeared suddenly and posed on a branch about six metres from the camera. I had a split second chance to capture one of our most colourful indigenous birds in a close-up view:

That’s it for today.


Larger sized pictures at The Purple Heron Gallery has been updated with three more pictures.

Another three picture have been added on 24/08/2011 from last Sunday’s session at the lake.



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  1. Georg Dahlhoff / Aug 15 2011 18:50

    Hallo Hans,

    das sind wieder fantastische Naturaufnahme. Das erste Bild hat eine Plastizität, dass die Dreidimensionalität zum Greifen nahe erscheint. Ich bin tief beeindruckt.

    LG, Georg

  2. Rolf / Aug 15 2011 21:02

    Hallo Hans,

    kannst Du mir Bescheid sagen wenn die Vögel nach Afrika aufbrechen? Ich würde dann mit fliegen ;-)))
    Ich habe mir eben die Fotos auf Zenfolio in Groß angeschaut, das dritte Foto ist ja der Hammer. Fängt der Vogel da gerade einen Frosch oder was ist das für ein Tier?
    Über den Eisvogel muss ich keine Worte mehr verlieren, den hast Du ohnehin super abgelichtet.

    Viele Grüße

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