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October 8, 2012 / hhsiegrist

Autumnal Forest

Autumn is the season when nature prepares for the coming winter. As the temperatures fall trees shed their leaves, mushrooms pop up and many animals either eat as much as they can to grow fat and accumulate energy for the winter or they gather seeds and nuts to hide them away for later consumption.

For the nature photographer the season of autumn is a bounty of vivid colours when the sun is out or a challenge when it rains and the winds blow. Here in Switzerland the colours begin to develop but for the time being it id rather wet and windy. No reason to stay at home and warm one’s feet at the fireplace, though. Appropriate clothing and a few precautions for the camera enable us to take pictures of rare beauty in dismal weather.

Mushrooms are one of my favourite subjects in the autumn. Bright colours are provided by the Fly Agaric:

A more mature specimen

A group of small (“anonymous”) mushrooms

Or the imposing Shaggy Ink Cap

This last one is also edible.

Autumnal forests can provide an excellent setting for fascinating nature photography even in not so optimal weather conditions. One just has to get out of the warm sitting room into the great outdoors without hesitating too much. Why not give it a try?

By the way, all pictures were taken with a highly portable compact camera in RAW format. I usually avoid making straight JPEG files as I would lose the latitude of the digital negative for post processing. This allows for a better presentation of one’s photography and a closer rendering of one’s impressions at the moment when the picture was taken.

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  1. Georg / Oct 8 2012 18:32

    Der Herbst beschert uns immer wieder die tollsten Farben und Stimmungen. Das sind alles ganz wunderbare Aufnahmen, das zweite Bild ist aber der Hingucker schlechthin. Das würde im Großformat auf Leinwand bestimmt richtig gut zur Geltung kommen.

    LG, Georg

  2. Hans / Oct 9 2012 22:14

    Hallo Georg. Vielen Dank für den netten Kommentar. Schon auf dem iPad wirkt die Aufnahme ganz besonders gut.

    Herzliche Grüsse

  3. Matthew R Giese / Oct 14 2012 06:10

    These are impressive articles. Keep up the sunny handiwork.

  4. Vitaly Izmailova / Oct 23 2012 02:10

    Love your blog, in fact arrived by checking yahoo and google for a comparable issue to this post. Which means this might be a late post nevertheless keep up the great work.

  5. Liberal Cabrera Raya / Oct 24 2012 04:05

    Awesome post, where is the rss? I cant find it!

    • hhsiegrist / Oct 29 2012 07:02

      Top right button with the orange coloured symbol

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